Setting Final Lineup

12 Team Standard. 9-1. Playoffs week 16 and 17. Trade deadline 3 days.

Ryan ,Cousins
Conner, Cook, Chubb, Kerryon, Bell
M.Thomas, Sanders, Boyd, J.Brown,MVS

Obviously dropping Bell. Week 12 will need a kicker and TE from BYE.

Who would you grab for Bell - Grab TE maybe and any trade thoughts. Thanks

Bump thanks

Again thanks

You look pretty solid for a 12 team league. Have to imagine you’re one of, if no the strongest teams.

Who is on waivers, what is your record, what trade targets do you have in mind.

Hi 9-1 record. Waivers are pretty thin other than A.Miller and some handcuffs.
Not too many people like to trade in this league.
Drooped Bell and grabbed Broncos and grabbed Texans for this week or hold .
Will need TE and kicker next week so might leave one of them and take the zero.

That would’ve been my recommendation. Especially if you win this week to make 10-1, you may just take a goose in both slots week 12 instead of tarnishing your roster heading into the playoff stretch.

Thanks for the help.

Someone offered me Kittle and A.Jones for Boyd and Kelce ?

Trade deadline in 1 hour. Thanks

Man that’s tough. I’m all for AJ and Kittle is a nice piece too. But Kelce is undoubtably the most valuable piece of the four IMO. What does your gut say?

What is your full roster again?

It is above.

Let me know but I might hang tight.


Hang tight dude, Kittle is good but not Kelce and you’re definitely good with the RBs you have now.

Thanks man.