Setting my Lineup for the Championship!

Hey guys,

I’m pretty new to this community, as I just recently discovered The Fantasy Footballers and I absolutely love the podcasts. From what I was reading on the forums, I also like a lot of the responses this community gives when it comes to fantasy football content. I was hoping to get some responses to this topic with the hope that I could receive some advice for setting my lineup for my championship week in my fantasy football league.

This is a half ppr league and I’m looking for full assistance when it comes to starting 2 running backs, 2 wide receivers, and 1 flex. Here are my options:

DJ Moore
Julio Jones
AJ Brown
Kenny Golladay
Courtland Sutton
Mike Williams

Leonard Fournette
Marlon Mack
Miles Sanders
Raheem Mostert
Le’Veon Bell

I really appreciate any feedback received. Good luck to everyone who is in their league’s Chamopinship Round!

Welcome! You have a good problem to have with a lot of viable options. I would probably start Fournette/Mostert as RBs and Jones/Brown as WRs. For flex I would lean toward Sanders or Mack (check the forecast, games below 20 degrees have been shown to statistically have an impact on fantasy scoring). Golladay and Moore are risky due to their QBs. Bell hasnt topped 100 yards yet this season.

Ok thank you for the input!

As of right now, the only player I’m 100% starting is Julio Jones. Dude is an absolute stud. For the rest of my lineup, this is my thought process:

WR2: DJ Moore (He’s been consistently producing with Kyle Allen all year, so I think a game where Will Grier will want to prove himself and throw the ball a decent amount will give Moore a target share consistent to that of which he’s received all year. Plus, CMC requires so much attention from the opposing defenses that Moore is bound to continue receiving targets).

RB1: Leonard Fournette (He’s been struggling as of late, but he continues to see volume in both the run and passing game, something I can’t really look the other way on, especially since I’m one of those people that will almost always take a consistent floor over high ceiling).

RB2: Marlon Mack (The matchup is too strong in this game. Plus, game script is more likely to favor him in this game than his previous two. I’m fully expecting him to receive more volume in this matchup too, hopefully at least 16 carries and a TD somewhere in there).

Flex: Miles Sanders (It’s clear he’s going to need to be heavily involved in Philadelphia’s offense in order to beat Dallas this week. He’s been fantastic, and with the receiving core shaken up, you know he’s going to get some action in the receiving game too).

I am heavily considering Courtland Sutton for the Flex position this week too because he literally is Denver’s receiving corps right now. He’s too good and consistent not to at least get adequately involved in the offense. I may take Sanders out and put Sutton in if Jordan Howard returns, but even then I’m not entirely sure if Howard will hinder Sanders’ production that much (if at all) with how well Sanders has played recently.

AJ Brown is amazing, but the matchup this week scares me a little bit. New Orleans is a really big obstacle for Tennessee, and I do believe he will struggle a bit in this matchup.

Raheem Mostert just has a more difficult matchup than most other players I mentioned. Plus, even though he’s the clear lead back, it’s still a 3 RB committee at the end of the day. Volume is always something to be concerned over.

Le’Veon Bell has probably the toughest matchup out of everyone mentioned, and he hasn’t really been converting his volume to efficient production (even though this revenge game makes him extremely tempting).

Kenny Golladay and Mike Williams both have great matchups, but also come with a bit more risk than my other options.

Sorry for the long rant. I appreciate anyone that takes the time to read and respond to this though!

I think if its was my line up it goes
Julio and Sutton
Fournette and Sanders
Mostert or Aj brown for flex. Mostert for the safer floor play and Brown for the higher ceiling play

Welcome and hope it helps!

Thanks for your input! I have been pretty back and forth with AJ Brown so maybe I’ll throw him in my lineup this week. Everything else looks pretty good there.