Setting up Keeper League

If I’m in a league where tanking has become a thing and someone has already accumulated 3 extra draft picks for next year. We are setting up keepers, how many keepers would you set?

P.S. I understand what will happen implementing keepers so late. The person who got the picks is one of the other Co-Commissioners. If it was my choice I would have kicked him out for tanking because it’s a REDRAFT league and no one in my league seems to understand why trading draft picks is bad. It’s frustrating.

It’s even more frustrating when the guy says he’s in “rebuild mode”. Like no duh, we’re literally all in rebuild mode every year. Sorry you suck this year. I didn’t draft your team. You decided to take Gurley and Odell with you first 2 picks and then didn’t make any trades to try to get better.

Any advice?

You need some sort of incentive to not get last place. Either the last place team has to pay extra money, or a punishment or something. If there is no punishment for getting last, then teams that know they aren’t going to be in the playoffs have no incentive to win unless they are just super competitive people.

Or just turn the league into dynasty instead of keeper then tanking and draft trading is a legit thing to do if neccesary.

We do have a last place punishment but the guy tanking isn’t even going to be in last place. It’s frustrating because no one else in the league sees any issues with this. If it wasn’t a money league I wouldn’t mind as much but it’s like wtf. The guy even said that I underestimate the people in the league. Saying that if they notice that he’s getting licks they’ll stop trading him. The fact that no has issues in this tells me everything about who we are playing with

To answer your first question I think 2 keepers is a good number. My league use to be 3 keepers and it was too much IMO. This is our first year with 2 and I think the league is much better because of it. Few rules regarding the keepers in case you are curious:

  1. Cannot keep any player drafted in the first three rounds of the draft (keeps most of the big dogs in the draft for the most part)
  2. A player can only be kept for a max of three years in a row
  3. You lose the round draft pick the player was drafted in. Draft Scary Terry in the 10th and keep him, you lose your 2020 10th round pick.
  4. If a player at any time was a FA and/or Waiver, they are no longer eligible to be kept. This rewards teams that actually draft well and target upside guys late in the drafts. Otherwise, you have teams like this co-commissioner who are out of the running and drop their entire team to grab backup RB hoping that one of them becomes a starter next season. Really no skill involved in that and ruins the playoffs because they often times drop really good players into Waivers which never should be happening in the first place.

Hope this helps.

Well unfortunately he’s not dropping good players he’s trading them for extra picks. When were in a redraft league. It makes no sense. I did think we could charge him money to use the picks next year.

Fantasy football does take skill no doubt but in the end on a weekly basis we’re playing a guessing game and there is luck involved. If he wants better odds then he’s gotta put more money in the pot

It basically comes down to is he violating a rule? Is there a rule in place stating that you can’t trade for draft picks? If not, he’s in the clear. Sure it can be seen as a jackass kind of move no doubt, but if there are not any rules in place stating it is not acceptable, then making him pay extra money is wrong IMO. However, not my league so I don’t know generally how things go down so I could be in the wrong.

No there is no rule but there are also no guidelines to trading picks. It’s a redraft league so it should be an obvious thing and something we shouldn’t have to state because it’s a redraft league

And if he wants to do this he’s making up a whole new element to the game so we gotta make up something on the spot to regulate it

Are you the commissioner? If you didn’t uncheck that box on the rules that’s on you at this point.

It’s automatically on the site. I’m not the one setting everything up. The site automatically thinks it’s a keeper league. We have to reset everything each year.

How can someone 10 years into a league just decide they can start trading picks with no rules or guidelines?

It’s still on you. You as the commissioner have to nip that in the bud and the first time he tried to do it you should have said, we don’t trade draft picks in this league and vetoed the trade. By letting him do it and get away with it you opened that can of worms.

It was another commissioner. We tried to talk it out but he clearly doesn’t see a problem with it. How am I supposed to just overpower everyone when were on equal ground?

Plus before the trades went through me and the other cocommish (3 of us) talked about how to deal with this and we decided on just adding keepers. This was mainly to ask about how to go about adding a keeper set up lol

Should have opened it up to a league vote then. And having 3 commissioners seems problematic.

Yes it should have been. But since another commish wants to do it his own way we’re going to implement something to regulate what he did. So everything is based on what he started. And it really hasn’t been a problem for years. It’s literally been this one thing. All we do is look at trades and see if possible collusion then push trades through.

So in a redraft league if someone else was loading up on picks for the next year because they were already going to kiss the playoffs this year you would be okay with that?