Setup for end game!

6-1 in a 16 team full ppr and extra points for big plays (40+ yard)

What moves can I make now to get that footclan title?


Jesus this is a wild roster. Never forced to play a WR or TE, but forced to play an RB? Strange…

There are a lot of thing’s I’d do… I’d try to get an actual WR that you can confidently play. Trade Richard after a possible uptick this week in his value (not confident with anything in Oakland) and package him with some sort of combo including: Ebron, Davis, Clement or MVS (who’s about to nosedive after Cobb and Allison return).

Good luck!

What kind of ass backwards format is this!?!??!

lol it’s crazy man. some guy at work created a league and asked if i wanted in so i said sure.