SF DEF -- OK This Week?

Or bench them and stream another for the week?

Also worried because I also have Carson (for now anyway, trying to trade him before the deadline Saturday).

I see PIT and NYG D’s on the waiver wire. League is full PPR. Thoughts? Thanks in advance.

Depends on what your options are.

If the best option you have is Cleveland, then I would keep SF Defense.

If somehow the Colts or Ravens are still available, I would stream them.

Also, I don’t ever worry about playing my players against a defense on the same roster. Just hope that both players score!

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The best options available are Pitt, NYG and Cleveland. Tried to get BAL off the waiver wire, no dice.

Pittsburgh would be a legit pick up.

I wouldn’t get rid of SF Defense though. I would maybe drop a bench warmer of yours.


That’s the plan, just for the one week, then go back to SF ROS.

So the choice would be PIT against the Rams or SF against the Seahawks.

bumping this one more time

I honestly like the browns a little more than Pittsburgh. Josh Allen is very prone to fumbles and picks. So I could see them having a better game than Pit just cause I believe the Rams have a much better offense than the Bills.

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So bench SF for the week and pick up the Browns’ D.

Thats just my personal opinion but if i was you I would just trust your gut but Vegas has the over under at 40 pts for browns/bills so Vegas is predicting it to be 23-17 browns so pretty low scoring

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Thanks, didn’t even think of the over/under.