SF Dynasty Startup, new to dynasty

Hey everyone, I’ve wanted to try dynasty for a while but never found anyone interested to do it. The league rules are definitely subject to change, but I was thinking something like:
No buy in
0.5 PPR
1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 FLEX, 1 SFLEX, 11 BN, 4 TAXI

Would be run on sleeper. Was thinking of also doing a slow draft as well, but not super sold on that. If anyone is interested please let me know!


Hey, i’m looking to join a dynasty startup and i’m definitely interested in this league format. Would love to join.

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awesome, just let me know your sleeper username so I can add you

sleeper handle: bcroft88

I’m interested. I’m going into my third year of a dynasty, but I’ve never played SF and I’m interested. Sleeper handle: Mauseph

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sent a friend request on sleeper!

Hey! I’d love to grab a spot if possible–my user on sleeper is also klaytheist, feel free to add me if you have a spot

I’m interested. My sleeper handle is rickwaterman.

My buddy is also interested. He’s Growlingpooter5 on sleeper

I’m also interested. Sleeper name: FFNomad

Interested. Sleeper idea 67gekko.

I have been trying to find a dynasty league for a while. If there’s a spot I’ll take it!

Hey! I’m new to dynasty as well and am interested in joining. If there are any spots open my Sleeper ID is Trendell268.

I would be interested if there is still a spot. I have never played dynasty before.
handle – elgrondy31

I’ve never played and have wanted to play for a while now. sleeper name: mavlax22

I’ve been wanting to do a SF league. I’m interested in joining. Sleeper ID sandy2521

If there is still a spot I would be interested in joining. Sleeper ID is: JasonS01

If someone bails, I’d be happy to join a waitlist!

I’d love to be included please add me and send me the info on sleeper:


I’d be interested. When and how would this initial draft take place?