SF Dynasty Trade Help: Yr 1

Just recently wrapped up a new 12TM SF dynasty draft (PPR) and I’m pretty satisfied with my roster, save for a lack of depth at QB. I’ve been on the search to add a QB via trade as my 3rd option to go with Josh Allen and Rivers. I have J Love and Dalton as QBs to hold for the future but no other starting QB.

One offer I’m considering: trading away Josh Allen and McLaurin to receive Matt Ryan, K Hunt, J Howard, D Parker, and a 2021 2nd Rd Rookie.

I’m not wild about swapping my young QB for Ryan in his mid-30s, but that’s a ton of value on the other side in return.

I’m solid at WR w.o McLaurin (Golladay, M Evans, A Cooper, J Jeudy, and Edelman) and have 2 good starters with Saquon and M Gordon at RB, plus T Coleman, N Hines, and C Thompson on the bench. But Hunt and Howard would be take my RB Corp to the next level.

What do you think of the trade offer?