SF/TE Premium Dynasty League - $75 buy in - needs 1 new owners - MFL

League is located here: Fantasy Football: E-lemon-ator Dynasty

Teams avail are listed as Open Team. League is a SF and TE Premium.

Look at the rosters to see what players are on each team. To see the picks avail go to Reports - League - Draft Results. You will see teams listed as open and those are the picks that will be avail.

The team with the Weekly High Score receives $10 per week

  • Champion receives $425
  • League Runner-Up receives $160
  • League 3rd Place receives $75
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I’ll take open team 2 (Josh Allen squad).

I haven’t used MFL in a minute so I’ll have to get back up to speed on that, but I’m good to go otherwise :slight_smile:

League has been filled. Thanks.