SF / TE Premium Dynasty League Construction Tips

Mostly curious what everyone thinks is the best # of starting slots per position, and why? Was thinking 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 2 FLX, 1 SF. Also thought 2 TE could be interesting too, since it would make the position more valuable. Let me hear your thoughts.

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There is no perfect starting lineup.


  1. League type (dynasty/keeper/redraft/bestball)
  2. League rules/setup
  3. Number of teams
  4. Skill/knowledge of participants

If I was setting up a new 12 team dynasty tomorrow:

  • 1 QB
  • 2 RB
  • 2 WR
  • 2 TE
  • 4 Flex
  • 1 SF
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Duh. Wow, can’t believe I didn’t include: 12 team, dynasty, TE Premium.

As far as skill knowledge, I’d be opening to my other dynasty leagues (which I found all on here) and on here- so, pretty decent, I’d say

I just did a SF startup that was .5PPR for RB, PPR WR, 1.5 PPR TE and also 2 TE. Gives you a lot more potential paths to draft your team, but also if you’re on the wrong end of runs it kills you.
I’m taking kickers out of one of my keeper leagues and adding in a 2nd TE. It’s only a 10 team league so it makes sense.

I like that idea. I have a couple thoughts. With TE premium you are already incentivizing the position so there is no need to force the 2TE. Ideally people will be on the 2nd TE already. But I do not hate that just to make sure people pay attention to TE. I would look at Tiered PPR, which Sleeper does, as a thing to add regardless. Also look at point bonus / penalty to really customize your league. In general those are easy ways to make a different experience for your owners. Be sure to test your math so you do not break the format.

As to wrinkles, here are three.

All Flex TE Premium SF tiered PPR. Roster: 8 FLEX & 2 SF. PPR .5 RB 1 WR 2 TE. I just did a league like that except I had 1QB & 1 SF. I’d change that in hindsight to 2SF, though it gets a similar result. Maximum flexibility in roster construction and does not exclude value at TE.

Or to really make it competitive and (ideally) encourage trades, force TE & QB. Using your above positional breakdown, 2QB 2RB 3WR 2TE 2FLEX. If you have to start 2 at TE and QB, that pool drains crazy fast. While this looks the same as your SF league, it is not. You MUST start 2QB and 2TE. That pressures those thin positions more than you would think. In SF you do not have to start a 2nd QB, so you can punt. Forcing it really changes QB/TE values. You can also put limits on positions so no one can have more than 4 (or whatever) at QB and TE. Just to prevent monopoly. Don’t have to, but it is an option.

Last option is to go deeper starting rosters. That makes the ability to scout talent and and emphasis on depth more crucial than just landing CMC and winning. Rosters could look more like: 1QB 2RB 3WR 1TE 3or4FLEX 1SF. It is crazy, but even adding 1 more FLEX makes a difference. Add in 2 more…you are starting some really deep plays. This also has a leaning towards a deeper bench. The result is a thinner waiver wire, but ideally more trades.

Bonus! If you are looking for a way to make redraft more interesting. This is not a good idea for dynasty, but makes redraft more interesting. Zero bench. Talk about putting owners in a bind! If you have a stud team but are looking at a stretch of BYE weeks, you either eat the losses and hope for the best or you are cutting players to the wire. Then the strategy on how to get them back, if you want them back, and how to budget your FAAB. Seasonal schedules matter and the idea of ‘stacking’ from a team makes more sense (Take all KC players, lose a week but win others).

Hopefully you find some good tips / ideas from people here. There are many different leagues and some helpful folks. In the end, though, make it a talkative league and that goes a very long way regardless of settings.