SF TEP starting 2 TE

Anyone interested in a 2QB, 2RB, 3WR, 2TE, 3Flex? Want to do full PPR, a .75+ TE bonus and a small bonus per carry all positions (0.2 ish). I like the idea of 2 TE’s to address the Kelce advantage, and the the per carry adds relevance to the RBs who don’t get a lot of receptions. What do you think? Curious what people think…

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I think the bonuses are interesting and if you like them, then go with them. I would do .5 ppr instead of full point per reception. That alone would balance your RBs better than your full point .02 I think. The 2 TEs is an interesting concept similar to the 2 QBs in where you are creating more scarcity and driving up demand. I also think a 2QB, and 2TE will see your league having vastly different roster constructions. As for the Kelcey’s value, your not changing it at all. His value is still relative to his position. Not the number of required TEs.