Sh** league

We have a guy who set his line up the first 2 weeks and hasnt touched it since… he leaves his guys on bye in and his guys who are injured… hes basically just a free win every week… thats bad enough as is but the only person in the league who actually knows the guy and has his number is the LM… well sure enough the past few weeks the dropout managed to get on to accept trade rapes from the LM but cant be bothered to set a line up… imo if a guy isnt setting his line up his players should become off limits… its ridiculous to me that the LM is desperately trying to stack his team by making trades like Duke Jonson and Dion Lewis for Doug Baldwin and Demarco… and Frank Gore for Keenan Allen… I made a big deal about it on the leagues fb page and the LM is defending himself saying its part of fantasy and the trades arent even that bad… its besides the point even if the trades arent that terrible… the fact still remins that the LM is essentially 1 by 1 poaching the better players from an inactive team… i mean i have a right to be pissed about this dont I?

Yeah It makes the league not as fun, if i were you i would find a new league for next year and did you guys have a buy-in for the league

Yeah there was a $50 buy in which isnt a huge chunk of change but it is enough that it pisses me off… i know most of the guys in the league but it isnt my normal league… definitely not doing it next year if we have the same LM… but yeah we got enough people to say they want their money back that the LM backed off and the dead team stays dead ros since teams already got free wins off him