Shady and Goff for Freeman and Matt Ryan

Yo Footclan! Been offered a trade, my Shady and Jared Goff for my opponent’s Devonta Freeman and Matt Ryan.

Of note: 8 team (yes small) standard league, I already have Brees, and my other RBs are Kamara, Mixon, Rob Kelley, Marshawn Lynch, and Buck Allen.

I wouldn’t do it. You don’t need the QB with Brees in there and Ryan isn’t the guy he was last season any way. McCoy is a volume beast and has an awesome fantasy playoff schedule. IMO you would be downgrading.

Yeah a downgrade in BOTH positions. Not even close.

No way. Especially with this Freeman injury that is looming.

I agree, I would stay away from Falcons this year. Kyle Shanahan was the Master Mind last Year that made the 2 headed Monster running game work so well. Their current OC is and always has been a joke, In my Opinion. I think you should stay with what you have.

Awesome guys, thanks for the input! I wanted to make sure that my opponent wasn’t trying to pull a fast one (been looking at Shady’s schedule and I picked up Goff as a defensive move so no one could have him).