Shady +Dez for Dalvin Cook

I am the Shady side. Is this a smart trade?

I definitely think Cook will begin to get a heavier workload in the second half since he is returning from injury, the only risk is he re-aggrivates his injury. Which would leave you without a RB and out a WR3. I don’t think Dez will be as big of a threat everyone think he will be so you might be able to use him for more name value than anything (which helps you if you’re getting rid of him) so I would definitely attempt this trade.

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I would definitely do this trade if I was getting Cook.

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My team is as follows

Big Ben
Zeke, Shady,Thompson, MIke davis, Ivory, Rod Smith
AB, Keenan Allen, Brandin Cooks, Dez, Trequan

Dez does not mean a lot to me as I have 3 top 20 WR

Yeah, you could totally use Dez as the sugar on top

Almost had the owner but changed mind at last sec. What do you think about shady and dez for J. howard?

if you can do that then yes. Shady is fodder to me at this point and who knows what Dez will do so sell the hype while you can.


If not for the name… Shady would be waiver wire fodder weeks ago. and Dez is no more than a WR3 imo. at least a couple weeks until he even plays, then will be limited while learning playbook etc, then is battling Thomas, Kamara, Smith, Watson for targets. I’m not about that. youre basically trading bench players for an upside RB2 and even RB1 if he stays healthy.

I like this for you. get it done before your counterpart realizes what hes done.

is this yes yes yes to Howard? Cooks owner decided to decline at last second

oh this was for Cook, Howard i probably still would. hes startable. shady is not and Dez wont be for a few weeks and may not ever be.