Shady dropped to WW

Hey Footclan -

Shady was dropped to WW, worth picking up? Not sure if Bills figured something out or if it was a fluke that they beat Minn last week. If they figured something out, could be beneficial.

if youre very desperate and thin at rb i would add him, otherwise, no not worth it unless you have an empty bench spot or someone who shouldn’t be owned

Would you add Ivory instead or just avoid the Bills backfield? Not terribly thin at RB, but basically looking for opportunities where players can pop later in the year.

id add mccoy over ivory but im not a fan of that backfield at all

99% yes you should add him…who would you drop for shady?

Most likely Randall Cobb, with Keenan, Cooper, Hogan, Baldwin, Marvin as my other WRs.

hogan would be my drop, he already has been useless this season and will be even more useless once gordon and edelman are in the fold.

Yea that’s a good point, however, looking at last year, he was solid WITH Cooks and (even though not Edelman) Amendola in the fold. But either way, you are probably right, looking at the target distribution.

I disagree on Hogan. I mean i did trade him because he wasn’t doing well for me, but I don’t think he’s going to be awful once they get more pieces in NE. so far it’s been Hogan or Gronk, that’s not hard to shut those players down. I don’t think Hogan will be a WR2 though which is what i drafted him to be so i’m still glad i sold him.

hogan can’t get it done with single coverage as the wr 1, since gronk is getting double teamed. what makes you think as the 4th option in 2 weeks that he will be good?

once it’s edelman underneath, Gordon on the outside, and then Gronk plus hogan, who the crap are they going to be able to double team? Everyone acts like with week 3 we know everything every player can do ROS. Update MN just got bitchslapped by the Bills, we know nothing!

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yeah so if no ones being double teamed why would brady throw it to hogan over the other 3 better receiving options?