Shady Flex

Who do i Flex
Shady or DJ Chark do do doo do do

I would take Charks upside to McCoys who the hell knows

ok great i was thinking the same but its close as mccoy is number 1 and against packers who aren’t great against the run

That’s a good point but I had Damien Williams for a while before I traded him (some how) and I just didn’t want any part of that backfield, even when he was doing well

Agreed…I actually dropped McCoy…just dont trust the running back committee.

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I actually had williams aswell who i dropped and managed to get edmonds

might try and trade shady on the fact hes a number 1

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I traded williams and Mclaurin for Gurley right before last weeks games :grin:

Nice work - terry is class but can’t trust the qb at Washington

Gurley is a good trade :+1: good luck this week