Shady for Dez Bryant and Alvin Kamara?

What do you guys think about this trade? I’d be getting Shady, and I lost Zeke (possibly) this week. I still have Gurley, Martin, and Lynch as RB and my WR are Julio, Antonio, and Baldwin without Dez. I could always grab someone from he wire or ask him to throw in one of his if need be but I have options for another WR.

Ummm… How did you end up with like 7 guys that were drafted in the first 3 rounds haha.

Other than that, yeah I’m totally with that. Shady is stud work horse and that’s RARE in fantasy. Take the overall best player because you can afford to lose the depth.

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Ok cool, and it’s an 8-man Standard by the way so all the teams are pretty stacked. I also made a lot of trades early on that set me up for success so now I just need them to work for me. No one anted to touch Zeke though so that’s how I nabbed him lol.