Shady for freeman and Kenyan drak

I have Zeke, Julio, and Murray as my other major pieces, currently one spot outside of the playoffs with an easy match up this week. What do you guys think?

Don’t be too cocky lol anything can happen in fantasy

But no I wouldn’t do that deal. Shady has a pretty favorable schedule Down the stretch and in the playoffs. Plus you lost zeke so I think you need shady. I don’t like the risk in trusting drake down the stretch

Haha, it’s not cocky the guy stopped playing and most of his starting line up is either injured or on bye lol, but thanks for your response

Ahh thats no fun but makes sense why it’s an easy week haha. But yeah I just went out and got some shady stock for the remainder of the season. Including trading away gurley for him in the trade. Good luck!