Shady for Kirk?

Should I deal LeSean McCoy straight up for Kirk Cousins or hang onto Andrew Luck and stream QB week to week?

Other RBs on my roster are Kamara, Bernard, Lamar Miller, Mark Ingram, Dion Lewis

Normally I’d say never give up Skilled players for QB. Having said that, I just dropped McCoy in my 10 man league and Kirk is showing he is a pretty great QB. Game script this week won’t be pass heavy but he should throw for at least a couple of TDs to make your week. I’d rather play him over Luck at Lincoln.

I do love luck that long term. If you want, could hold on to both for this one week and if Luck looks back to form, can trade kirk or drop him next week if there are any worth wire adds.

10teamer here too. RBs on waiver wire are thin so rather than cut shady, trying to upgrade my QB for a few weeks. Dion Lewis would be the other option to trade but I’d rather have him in a PPR.

In this scenario I’ll have to cut Luck to pick up a DST. Given QB depth on waivers (Stafford, Jimmy G, etc) Luck isn’t likely to get picked up.

Oh if your in a 10 team league, definitely do not roster 2 QBs. Waivers are too rich with talent.

In my 10-man, I cut Shady. RBs are shallow sure but Shadow is literally a waste of a roster slot for the next few weeks.