Shady for the 1.02?

would you trade the 1.02 away for Shady in a dynasty league?

Absolutely not.

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No way. He’s getting too old

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Heck no. I’d value him closer to a mid to late 2nd at best.

I wouldn’t say Shadys worth the 1.02 but he has to be at the very lowest worth a late 1st. I’d say closer to a mid 1st round pick.

I don’t think he’s worth anything close to a mid first.

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I got him for a late 1st (ended up being 1.12) around week 10 of last season. I’d assume the value has dropped more since then.

Nope. I don’t think I would even draft him in a redraft league.

I’d draft him if fell far enough, but probably won’t get him, because he’ll be over drafted.