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Shady, Gurly, Or White?


Which 2 RB should I start in a standard league?

LeSean McCoy

Todd Gurly

James White


McCoy is automatic. Between White and Gurley, I guess I’d lean Gurley. You know he’s getting the touches. There’s been talk about White being heavily involved this week, but you still just can’t be sure. I’d go with the sure thing.


Shady and Gurly without a doubt. Too much competition for White for me to feel confident playing him over Gurly who has control of his backfield.


Thanks man…I was thinking the same thing…there was just some hype talk about white…got me psyched a little. thanks for the input!


Appreciate it!!! your input is noted!!


What about White vs. Diggs in the flex? I would say Diggs but just making sure i’m not crazy.


Diggs for me


yes!! I’d say Diggs hands down!! Again…you just don’t know what the Pats are gonna do.


Shady gurley and I agree with the diggs play as well :+1: