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Shady - Jordan Howard -Kareem Hunt


So that’s how my first 3 rounds went in our draft last night. .5PPR 12 Teamer. I followed up the RB avalanche with Rodgers in the 4th. My WRs and TE aren’t very inspiring (Diggs, Watkins, Garcon, Martellus) Should I attempt to move one of my RBs or just slot one into my flex and hope they all perform?

This is a #footclan league, so I’m sure my leaguemates will see this. Hi guys :wave:


Unless Watkins and Garcon hit and hit hard I might look to upgrade at WR. TE is a bit of a crapshoot anyway in my opinion so I would probably wait that one out and see if Vance McDonald or somebody hits from the WW. Diggs I don’t see being a world beater this year much like Andy I think ‘Hooked on A. Theilen’ is the WR to own in Minnesota. Try to package Diggs with Howard for a higher tier WR like Dez or Amari.


I’ve been hustling them hard, but no nibbles yet. Solid advice.


I might attempt to move Hunt while the value is high. He got Alex Smith KILLED by a linebacker in and Sharky West is lurking.


Only hesitation in moving him is that this is a 2 keeper league. If Hunt takes off with that role, he’d be in consideration for a keeper spot.


I would sell Jordan Howard, as soon as possible.