Shady McCoy in Trouble?

Seen a post on Instagram. Shady is being accused of beating a girl, his child and a dog. the friend posts pics of the girls face beaten.

Yep that looks like trouble smh

I hope that’s not true, but damn that looks bad. If it is true, yea, he’s in trouble. Probably done in the league, at the very least

Doesn’t look good, have to wait and see what the investigations find. Beating his son and dog as well, i really hope it’s not true especially as that wasn’t in the media as it’s referenced above as in the past and wasn’t mentioned, hate to find that things like that get hushed up or not reported jesus

If he did this, he is done.

Also: How long until DeMarco Murray signs with the Bills?


I haven’t even thought about Murray during this situation. If they were to get Murray would they do RBBC with him and Chris Ivory?

Better question: would we care?