Shady or definitely shady?

Player A and B are down to the wire tonight (Packers/Lions). Player A has Crosby and player B is trying to acquire Matt Prater from Player C who’s trying to get JCrowder from Player B. If this trade between Player B and C goes through in the single day, is that acceptable or shady? Player B is the commish. Yahoo platform has more shadier things going on than any other. Off topic- how is it allowed in Yahoo to drop a player even after the team has already played? The trade hasn’t happen yet but it’s imminent. Shady or definitely shady?

Depends if the rules were changed just for this. If this is how the rules have always been with trades going through in a day you can’t really complain. Seems shady, but if no rules were broken or changed then don’t see how you can do anything about it. Now if they changed the way that trades go through in the last day or 2 then yes you can definitely have a beef with that.

No rules has been changed. Should take 48 hours for transaction to go through. I appreciate it.