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Shady or Julio moving forward?


.5 ppr
He has a lot of receivers I like and his team lacks RB’s (he currently has AP in his starting rotation…)

He also has interest in Beastmode.

He has Hogan, Fitz, Julio and DT.
I have Bestmode, Martin, Hunt, Shady, Allen, Parker.

Does anyone see any value?


I would rather ship out Lynch than Shady. I think if he was interested in that take it, but I guess because of your depth at RB, I don’t hate the trade, I’d probably take it


I completely agree… I want to move beastmode first for sure. and I think there is more value to be had by doing so, given he is in a situation where he needs a back. He has Lacy, and geo on his bench…

I think I could really steal some good value with beastmode, I’m playing him at my flex rn, I just don’t want to throw out the first offer and shoot too low…

Any ideas?


I guess my main concern is, what receivers can I get away with plucking from his lineup by sending him lynch and maybe some side pieces.


Honestly, my first try would be getting Julio for Lynch and if you have to throw in another low-end RB or WR. I’m not sure if I would do McCoy for Julio. I think if you have 3 strong RBs, then setting your lineup is easy becasue you will start Hunt and McCoy every week and most weeks depending on your WRs you might start Martin at your flex. I would definitely try and package something for Julio. If that doesn’t work, then DT is a super safe WR2 play, but I’d be fairly hesitant to give much up because you have solid WRs


I feel strongly that he wouldn’t give up julio for lynch unless I really spiced it up with my second player… given this, who do you think the ceiling should be as far as my offer? Ill reply with my complete team.


He’d be crazy to give up mucha anything I’d value for Lynch. If it came down to it, I’d probably trade Shady for Julio straight up, all else equal, but I’d try to get more value if I could.


12 team

My team… Dak, Hunt, McCoy, Keenan, Parker, Ertz, Lynch with a bench consisting of Martin, Ginn, Hurns, Higgins, Doctson, Luck, Watson

His team… Cousins, Hyde, AP, Julio, DT, Gronk, Fitz with a bench consisting of Hogan, Moncrief, Lacy, Geo, Marquise Lee, Agholor


Man, idk. That would leave you super thin at RB. Think he’d bite on a 2 for 2? Maybe McCoy and Parker for Hyde and Julio. I’d probably do that if I were you.


Does he have anything I can send him lynch for?


Maybe D. Thomas (I think that’s the Thomas you’re referring to?)?


I know I need to think macro, but Hogan, Fitz, DT all rank higher this week by a decent amount in the flex spot.


Thomas’ year long floor is a mid level WR2, I think (that’s what he was last year with bad QB play, and I think Trev he’s improved). He’s the best of the bunch, imo.


what’s the consensus on Lynch, McCoy Parker for Julio, Hyde, DT?


He has agreed to it… I just need some confirmation… Is this losing too much consistent RB play?


Would you be getting Julio? If so I like the trade, especially with Martin coming back from SSPN