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Shady or Julio with my keepers?


Hi all. I’m struggling with this one. I’m able to keep OBJ and Mike Evans for a 5/6 round pick. I also have the 5th pick overall. Every mock ive done (with keepers factored in) has Julio and Shady falling to me. I hate to pass on Julio but considering the RB keepers in this league I’m leaning heavily towards shady and I just generally like how the mocks turn out when I go RB. What do you think? It’s killing me to pass on Julio while also keeping 3 of the top 4 WRs away from the rest of the league!


Get Shady. You need to be able to compete at the rb position.


I agree. Julio is a beast, but you will field a better overall team with Shady.


I lean towards taking shady unless you think you can swing a wr for a top 3 rb trade.


What type of league? PPR, 1/2PPR, Standard
How many flex positions and starting WRs?

If you start 3 WRs and a Flex I see no problem having three of the top wideouts and then you grab RBs in Rounds 2, 3, and 4.

I’ve got a keeper question too if you don’t mind weighing in?