Shady or Kamara

Currently in 1st and have lev bell and Kamara (full ppr). Kamara is a 12th round keeper (two person keeper league). Have the opportunity to trade him for Shady.

Should I do it?!

Nope… Great value for next year and great player to help you win this year… Stick with kamara

Shady has an easier schedule ROY but Kamara has been so good here lately after they traded AP-He definitely has the hot hand and Shady layed an egg last Thursday-

i would go with kamara since he has the hot hand right now…

help with mine please

I like Shady’s playoff schedule a lot. Even though he pooped this time he will be back.

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I’d hold Kamara. He looks really, really good every time I see him touch the ball. I don’t know if I’d expect Shady to be better ROS or not, but I’m quite sure I’d rather have Kamara for a 12th next season.

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