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Shady or Michael thomas


i have 2 2nd round picks if I keep Michael thomas (lose a 15th)

Or 1 second round pick if I keep shady

I pick 6th in our draft and most keepers are running backs so there won’t be much available.

Any thoughts or input would be awesome. I’m torn
Also it’s a 10 team standard league


With this I’d say keep Shady. I look at it like this, of course Thomas is the better value but if you let Shady go will you be able to replace his production?


Rob nailed it. In your situation, keep Shady.


Exactly! And that’s what I’m worried about. I might be able to snag a Leonard fournette or zeke. With one of those extra 2nd rounders. But shady just seems like a better option. I’m a little worried about buffalo tho. They didn’t look so good the other night


Thank you, yeah I feel like I can build a better team with shady as my keep. I also have 3 4th rounders but miss the 5th 7th and 8th round picks. So gotta draft smart missing those middle rounds.


Shady just because you said not much available. Doesn’t matter if Thomas is a great value if you have no RB.


If I keep Michael Thomas there’s a chance shady will be there. I draft 6th overall. If he was taken before 6 next best rb would be Demarco Murray. So if I took murray (or Lesean if he falls )at 6 I keep Thomas for a 15th round pick and have 15th and 17th pick in the 2nd round. Where as if I keep shady I have 6th pick overall and 17th only In the 2nd.

I’m not sure if that makes since but I like the extra picks


its funny, when it rains it pours. i was just talking about the shady situation on another post.

im getting super worried about shady. the chances of buffalo over using shady and getting that guy hurt are super high. think jamaal charles pre injury. the chiefs leaned on him for everything. running, and catching. and it just wore his body down. thats exactly what the bills are going to do. and shady isnt some pillar of health either. so me, im keeping the safty of thomas, and if shady comes back in the second ill look at him. besides, the value of thomas in the 15th? thats just ridiculous.