Shady ROS?

Is it time to sit Shady with these other RB on my roster

Lamar Miller
Dion Lewis
Alex Collins

No way, play your studs. Shady could be the best back in fantasy on any given week.

He was the rb1 last week. Don’t freak out based on one week. He was also the best scoring rb oit of the 5 on my roster so I’ll keep rolling with him

No way. You have nice depth with is great and you can play matchups. Shady is the only must start and you can plug and play the other guys. At this point though I think Shady and Perine are must starts and I love Lewis too. It’s a good problem to have as I have Bell, Freeman, Drake, Woodhead, Ekler, Montgomery, Abdullah. After Bell it’s a crap shoot this year so I would rather have your problem for sure!

I’ve started him every week so far, but he seems to have a lot more bad
weeks than good.