Shady shade

As soon as I heard Shady was cut, I immediately traded for him. I traded Peyton Barber for him- I told the Shady owner, “I’ll gladly take your teamless Shady!”

All day most of my league gave me grief about it but who’s laughing now! Suck it!

Just a very humble post over here.

I considered the same move but didn’t have anyone I was low enough on to give up for the risk. Not a fan of Barber or the TB backfield as it stands so dont mind getting rid, Shady will have more upside in KC.

I do think it’s going to be tough to know when he, Damien or Thompson - hell when all three will have meaningful weeks. I have a feeling they will cannibalise each other all year long, unless someone gets hurt.

My advice would be before the dust really settles, take McCoy and trade on his unknown - perhaps the Damien Williams owner is reeling, talk him into the 3 way RBBC situation that’s developing there. His 2nd round potential stud RB1 has gone to a RB2 now etc and see what you can get.

These moves yesterday… making my own roster cut downs harder than before! Need to pray Gordon goes anywhere other than Chargers or Packers and keeps my Jackson and Jones shares intact!

Shady could not have landed in a better spot. If he still underperforms, it’s time to stick a fork in him. Too early to be celebrating OP. Looks good for him but not a lock. You might still end up with egg on your face. Good luck tho!