Shady trade candidates?

My RBs consist of Shady, Ajayi, Montgomery, Abdullah, West.

I’ve been thinking about trading Shady for a high-end WR cause I’m lacking in that department.

Would Shady be a good candidate and who would you trade for Shady?

Thanks footclan!

Would you guys accept Shady for Julio if it was offered to you?

I’d take that trade.

I’d take that trade too!

Got rejected unfortunately. He has Matt Ryan so he wants to keep Julio :weary:

What about McCoy for AJ green?

only problem will be getting someone to bite on mccoy. coming off of a bad game in week 2 will put a bad taste is a lot of peoples mouths. if you can do AJ green, that would be fantastic. the green owner is probably down on their guy as well. michael thomas owners as well are probably willing to part ways by now. those are the 2 i would target. look for which ever team is weaker at RB, thats probably the one that will say yes. good luck!

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