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Shady vs Odell at 6 overall


I’ll be picking 6th in my draft, and while I think Odell is ripe to smash with the schedule he has, I’ve been liking my teams in mocks more overall with Shady. He’s just such an injury risk in my eyes though, while Odell has been pretty durable since he broke in.



I’d go Odell. Least likely to bust.


I’ve been seeing the same as you. I generally like my team more when I grab Shady and I feel like his handcuff is cheap enough that I lean his way over Odell. It’s just really hard to pick an older RB over the young stud receiver.


PPR or standard?


Standard scoring, 12 team league. Sorry I should have mentioned that. We don’t draft for a month though so I’ll have some time to mull it over lol. My heart says shady (had him last year) but my gut says Odell. 6th is literally the most challenging spot to draft from IMO. So much depends on what other GMs do.


Shady, he’s the only one up there while giants have to many weapons


Standard scoring makes it a lot easier to take Shady.

It’s easy to be on autopilot and assume Odell is who you “must” draft. But you’re doing the right thing with your mock drafts. The decision tree branches pretty widely… but I’d just do even more mock drafts of the first 5 rounds, seeing how much you can maximize the value of what you can get between WR & RB for each of them.

Obviously, it gets tougher and tougher to predict as you go on, but getting comfortable with what you end up in Rounds 3-5 will give you real confidence with either LeSean or OBJ.