Shallow league draft strategy

Hey footclan! I have a 1/2 PPR 10 team draft tonight. Do you guys tend to change your draft strategy at all in a smaller league? I usually wait on QB and TE if I don’t get one of the elite TE’s. Are you guys more willing to take those early QB’s and TE’s in a smaller league for the positional advantages?

Curious to hear your thoughts!

It depends on your pick in my opinion. My personal strategy is to make sure I have 2 starting RBs and 2 good WRs in my first 4 picks. The only TEs worth taking in the first 4 rounds would be the obvious Kelce or Waller. And I’d only take Kelce if I had a later pick like 9 or 10, then pair him with a good RB.

I’d wait until at least round 6 before you even start thinking QB.

But again, this is just my personal strategy, and it is admittedly a little old school.

There are no TEs worth taking in the first 7 rounds–not because they don’t give you a positional advantage, but because they kill the value of the rest of your team, especially when picked in the first two or three rounds. The only QB worth taking in the first 7 rounds is Mahomes, and that’s questionable unless your league awards premium QB scoring.

In half-PPR, there’s no real advantage to either RBs or WRs, so you can spend the first 7 rounds assembling 3 stud RBs and 4 stud WRs before you start adding support positions.