Share your pain! Tilt thread below

Just coming here to vent/complain in what may be the worst week of fantasy football I’ve ever experienced. First I lost CMC, so knowing I needed a big week to make up for the loss of my number 1 pick I benched Drew Brees for the ‘can’t miss’ Gardner Minshew with a juicy 9 points for the week, then to rub salt in the wounds I lost because my opponent played Seth Gostkowski (who keep in mind has been terrible up until now) and he racked up 25 points from a kicker (I’ve been campaigning to get kickers removed in this league). I have never been so tilted.

Come and wallow in sadness and share your horror stories from the week

I am down 12 withe C Edwards-Helaire to go and he has Baltimore DST (so … got a chance)

It would not be close had I…
A. left Robert Woods on my bench for DJ Moore…

or any WR on my bench

Diggs = 12.9
D. Johnson = 0.90 (he got hurt… so that is a whoo knows what could have happened)
D. Moore -= 7…5

22 pts total.

On my Bench
R Woods = 18.9
T Boyd = 21.5
D Parker = 9.4

GO CHIEFS!!! I hope they put up 50 tonight! :slight_smile: that way Ravens DST get… negative points
AND CEH goes for 20+


So to add insult to injury

I lost on the Ravens Kickoff return.
137 vs 141…

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I lost by 3 points and was up by 55 points going into Monday night. And that was with Chark getting hurt and I was like Keelan Cole has to get some play, nope! And Cook goes out of game with just 3 points. My opponent had Mahommes and Hill Monday night.

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