Shenault Tonight - Preparing for Adams to miss

Have an issue with WR this week, 14 team full PPR.

I have Adams, Woods, Lamb, Cooks and Shenault.
Adams looks likely out and he and Woods have tough matchups to boot.

Do I start Shenault tonight for potential upside and then I can wait on Adams and see how he is come Sunday and decide on the other two WR slots?

So basicly you’d move Shenault to the WR2 and Adams to the flex, just curious why not use Lamb or Cooks over him? I don’t think his usage warrants starting him over either of those guys currently, it may be a good matchup but he’s only had a few catches per game. I think Lamb gets more targets and will outperform any of those options

You want Lamb in that matchup with Seattle. Definitely over Shenault.

Basically yes, Lamb is in so I’m choosing between Adams, Woods, Cooks and Shenualt for the other two slots.

The issue is if Adams can’t go and I leave Shenault on the bench I have to play Woods and Cooks in tough matchups. Woods will get White covering all game and Cooks is vs Pittsburg and if Fuller is in I don’t know if I trust the targets.

Shenault would be the ceiling play and a massive dice roll vs the others which would be floor plays no? Bar Lamb.

Cooks i understand cuz the whole texans offense is a mess right now, but i think you’re getting too cute by debating sitting Woods. I’m not saying i disagree that it’s a tougher matchup, but the Ballers have him ranked fairly high (16th i believe) in full PPR and you never sit your studs. I’d play Woods and Lamb in the 1 and 2 and leave Adams in the flex, do you have any other bench players in the 425 window or monday night to plug into flex in worst case scenario?

Sadly not, I’d have to se how the reports are tomorrow and Saturday then either leave him and risk it or put Cooks in ahead of time.

I can see the getting cute side but the. Rams aren’t throwing as much. I doubt he scores this week so could put up quite a low line this week. He’s safer for sure but possibly overthinking it this week.

Could use Gibson in the flex but not sure he’ll get too much done this week.