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Shepard for D. Walker and C. Thompson


Dynasty league trade. I would receive Shepard. Thoughts?

I do not feel like I am giving away too much here as Walker is quiet old and Thompson has numerous injury problems. Thanks for any advice FC!


I think the wild card here is Thompson. With the arrival of Guice it’s not certain what his role is going to be. It could be a Cohen/Mack kind of role which would favor taking the trade. Shepard certainly has the unquestionable upside going into this next season. However, you need a QB to throw that ball and Manning may not be there much longer. Without knowing anything on your line-up, if you were weak at WR or heavy at RB - I would probably take it.


I would take the Shepard side, the slot receiver in Shurmers Offense eats alot and he will never see double coverage with ODB, Engram, and Barkley.


Shephard by a lot


Thanks y’all! Always great to get valuable feedback from the FC! :slight_smile: