Shepard/Golladay over McLaurin?

I’ve got two teams and both are .5ppr leagues. I was excited to start McLaurin, but not sure with the injury. Should I swap him out for Shepard in one league and Golladay in the other?

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Good question…Shepard and Kenny g will provide points…I’m risking it but I’m keeping terry in my lineup still

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That’s kinda what I was leaning towards since I like him a lot. Normally the injury wouldn’t phase me but those guys are in plus match ups. :stuck_out_tongue:

From what I’m hearing the missed practice was precautionary but I’m nervous he won’t get many plays in…but I’m going for the risk…would you suggest playing p. Richardson over woods this week even if terry plays…im an underdog and looking for as many points as possible. Thanks

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Thanks for the advice! I had Woods last year and loved him, but he’s pretty disappointing so far. I think I’d go Richardson. Slightly better match up for him, plus he’s put up more points than Woods so even if they both had average weeks it seems like he’d score more. From my understanding, Woods isn’t getting great passes even though his targets are similar. He kind of popped once Kupp was gone last year so it seems like this could be more normal… Hard to say this early still. I hope whoever you play has a breakout week though.

I’m right there with y’all. I’ve got Andrews, and McClaurin (FLEX) both starting and both with “Q’s” right now. I’ve been beating my head against the wall trying to decide whether to throw Dissly in FLEX, but every SIT/START arena I’ve checked with says play McClaurin and SIT Dissly, even tho Dissly’s been on fire and has a GREAT matchup vs ARZ. GRRRRR!!!

I’ve also got B Cooks and C Kirk starting WR. :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: