Shop James Conner?

Do I trade away James Conner and T.Y. Hilton for Stefon Diggs?

1/2 PPR League and I have DeAndre Hopkins as my WR1 and decent RB depth with Devonta Freeman and Saquon Barkley.

I think you’re giving up a little too much. I think TY and Diggs are close with Diggs getting the slight edge and Connor COULD be a weekly starter if this mess with Bell drags on.

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No. Diggs and Hilton are basically lateral swap.s So you’re giving Conner for free. Go find the Bell owner, and trade him. No one will pay more than Bell owners will for Conner.

I think if you wait a week and Conner has a big game you’ll be able to get a better return for him.

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