Shopping around AJ

Just joined the foot but been listening for 2 years now!

Currently 6-4 on a five game win streak and looking ahead with my re draft, PPR league. I’m considering shopping around AJ Green because his rest of year schedule makes me nervous. Should I be looking for some around the level of Landry or Julio or try and grab a high tier RB rest of season? Picture is my current line up with Duke Johnson, McCown, Chris Hogan, Robby Anderson, Devin scrumptious on bench. All advice welcome. Thanks. !

I was going to suggest shooting for Crabtree and a piece, but looks like you already have him! I like Landry or Tyreek Hill, but I think you may be able to get more than just one of them in a trade…maybe try to get a decent RB with one of them as well, or some other position you need more at. Overall, your roster isn’t bad!

@hurricanetht I actually ended up getting Landry and Alex Smith for Dak and AJ. I feel pretty good about it for RoS scheduling.