Shopping James Conner

With decent running back depth in a 1/2PPR 10 team league (I have Devonta Freeman, Barkley, Royce Freeman, Conner, and Chris Thompson) and with some sources saying Bell will report to the Steelers by the end of September is it worth trying to shop Conner if I could secure an RB like Joe Mixon or LeSean McCoy who is more likely to be viable throughout the entire season? If so who are some other players to target in a trade?

Its gonna be a hard sell for most people. I’m trying to package him with someone to upgrade but people arent buying.

I think your well set-up to take a risk and sell Conner while you still can. Mixon is a beast and if you could flip Conner for him, I’d do that

I sold him to the Bell owner for Davante Adams. I just don’t want Bell to come in Wed and me have nothing. The thing is if someone is desperate at rb enough to bite on Connor they are not swimming in good rbs.