Shopping Jordy

So I’m in need of some help at RB and pretty deep at WR. With that being the case and with Rodger’s recent injury I was looking to shop Jordy.
I tried to get Melvin Gordon straight up (didn’t expect anything), got the counter offer of Hyde for Jordy.
His other counter was Chris Thompson for Fitz, but personally I feel really good about Fitz moving forward and not as good about Thompson.

My WRs are: Jordy, Fitz, Crab, Demaryius, Thielen
RBs: Freeman, Zeke, Ellington, McFadden

Thoughts? Comments? Concerns?

Edit: Its a .5 PPR league

Heck no not Hyde he’s terrible!

Yea, I wasn’t really feeling it. His other counter was Chris Thompson for Fitz.
Again, I’m not really feeling that trade too much either with Kelley coming back, and I feel real high on Fitz.

I heard the opinion that Jordy Nelson’s value will not take as big a hit as other GB receivers. If that’s true, you’re better off keeping him and seeing what Hundley is like. If you sell now, you’re selling at the lowest possible price and your league mates know it. I think you hold him, hope he has a good or decent game, and then try to see if someone will pay a better price.