Shoring up the offense

with fournette nursing a hamstring and shady playing from behind all game my offense
is not playing up to expectations and im getting blown out by the James Conner owner. I have the #2 waiver spot going into the week. I play in a 14 team 1/2 ppr IDP league, I need
to pick some targets for week two

QB- Stafford
WR1- Keenan Allen
WR2- Jarvis Landry
WR3- DJ Moore
RB1- Fournette
RB2 shady McCoy
TE- Even engram
Flex- Beast mode
Bench- kelvin Benjamin
Bench- Duke Johnson
Bench- Penny
Bench- open

top waiver pickups right now are probably TJ yeldon, Allison, Lindsay, dorsett, and Ekeler. im leaning on dropping Moore for Allison and picking up Yeldon for a fill in. thoughts?

Thats probbly your best bet, in this situation.


I would drop Moore or Benjamin personally. I think you have the order right with Yeldon then Allison

I change my thought, I would drop Benjamin and keep Moore. Right now in Buffalo idk whats going on and no one on that team should be a fantasy starter yet, aside from Shady


I def agree. Benjamin is a waste of a spot right now. At least you don’t know what you will get from Moore really yet

Thats true DJ Moore is still unknown and the Panthers love to pass the ball. He will have more value right now until Buffalo figures it out. Get rid of bum Kelvin Benjamin.

my concern from Moore is he only played 16 snaps on sunday and seems buried on the depth chart. though I agree that Benjamin is in a rough spot considering the quarterback problems plaguing buffalo. im considering trading shady due to this as well, however I don’t think I would get any return on value as things currently stand.

no return at all really, I would hold until he has a good game and then try to move him