Short bench help..0.5 ppr help

My league only has 5 bench spots,giving little versatility.some guys that are still available are Jamison crowder and Peyton barber. This is my squad
M Stafford(11)
M Gordon(1)
A Collins (3)
D Hopkins(2)
L Fitzgerald(4)
A Robinson (flex)(5)
J Doyle(13)
M Prater(14)
LA chargers(12)
M Ingram(7)
C Hogan(10)
S Michel(9)
Kerryon Johnson(8)
D Lewis(6)
I don’t know how to proceed.what are some suggestions with dealing with this type of league??also this was from the 12th,rounds are in parentheses.

Would probably take Crowder over Barber. Feel like there may be better options than those though. I’m not too high on crowder personally but at that late still seems like value.