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Should all winning record teams make a HUGE push for Le’Veon Bell THIS WEEK?


Thinking about how to improve the roster for the long haul. Is now not the time to make the biggest buy for lev bell? Offer a wr1 and a replacement rb2 to take on bell who basically has a two week bye you just have to endure now? This could be a league winning fantasy move. Worth giving Keenan Allen plus RB to a losing record bell owner?


I’m up in the air. I have Conner so if I went after Bell I am almost hoping for a trade because if not we don’t know exactly what we are getting and even Conner getting 25 percent of the snaps could affect Bell’s output. They could also pretty much be delayed a week or so depending on how things break down with the roster exemption since Lev would have to sign off prior to that happening.