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Should all winning record teams make a HUGE push for Le’Veon Bell THIS WEEK?


Thinking about how to improve the roster for the long haul. Is now not the time to make the biggest buy for lev bell? Offer a wr1 and a replacement rb2 to take on bell who basically has a two week bye you just have to endure now? This could be a league winning fantasy move. Worth giving Keenan Allen plus RB to a losing record bell owner?


I’m up in the air. I have Conner so if I went after Bell I am almost hoping for a trade because if not we don’t know exactly what we are getting and even Conner getting 25 percent of the snaps could affect Bell’s output. They could also pretty much be delayed a week or so depending on how things break down with the roster exemption since Lev would have to sign off prior to that happening.


So glad I didn’t do that then, however considering something close, what’s the value? What would someone trade for lev bell at this point? He’s gotta come back week 11 riiiiiiight???


He comes back next week, if he doesnt he cant be a free agent next year.


I wouldn’t make a HUGE push for him. You have a winning record for a reason - Bell isn’t going to put up the numbers he did last year when he comes back


If he come back week 10. Steelers can put that 2 week roster exemption on him so he wont play til week 12. THEN he still needs to get game conditioning and do that ramp up he needs to become productive. Already well into playoffs by then. Also, they aren’t just going to cast aside Conner, so there’s going to be some kind of split there. Doesn’t look good to me. I sold him off long ago.


I like the idea of being cautious, but if bell comes back and beasts then it’s a league winning situation. Where do we draw the line. I was thinking of trading away marlon Mack, plus a couple other upgrades for the losing record bell owner.
Thinking of offering marlon mack, Austin hooper, Ryan Fitzpatrick, and maybe ito smith if the guy wants him, he needs help all over. He said he’d accept if I throw in either John brown or Marvin Jones jr. but I told him I wouldnt do that. I would think about it if he included golden Tate as like a risky spot filler. Is that too much?


I need him to come back soon. I am against the Conner/Gurley owner week 11, and I need the win…