Should Have Played Gore

I made the decision Saturday night that I would grab Frank Gore from the FA pool and play him in place of Chris Carson. Then caught word of Penny being out this week and thought “Well, now Carson will definitely have his opportunity, guess I’ll give him another chance,” and lost the week. Would have won if I’d stuck to my guns and played The Immortal One.

And my twenty-five dollar deposit brought back nine.

I’m rapidly losing my enthusiasm for this game.

Playing Carson over Gore was the right call. Sometimes, in any situation, sport, or game, the right call has the wrong outcome; it still is the right call. Its incredibly frustrating; but, take solace that you didn’t make a mistake, the cards just didn’t fall your way.

I played Carson at RB and Gore at flex. I should’ve played Gore at RB, C. Samuel at flex and sat Carson. But logic dictated that going in Carson would have a really good day. Fortunately I squeaked by anyway because my opponent had Gurley going into last night after all my players were done and he crapped the bed, but hey, a win is a win.