Should I accept? Help a guy out

I was offered Austin Eckler and David Johnson for Josh Jacobs.

My other running backs are Christian McCaffrey. Joe Mixon, and Jaylen Samuels.

My gut reaction is to accept. The uncertainty around DJ’s health just makes me a bit uneasy.

Any thoughts?

No. No. No. Do not accept.

I don’t know. If Johnson sits out a week or 2 but finishes the year healthy thats a good trade. I’d probably roll the dice and accept.

Yeah. I’m pretty torn. For reference, I’m in currently in 3rd place, and 6 teams make the playoffs. So I’m starting to approach the time to make playoff-focused roster moves.

But the fact that they traded for Drake makes me think they aren’t confident in his health. It’s a tough call.

I’d prefer Jacobs only because his end of season scheduled is nice - Arizona’s isn’t the greatest and charger are pretty bleh maybe with the new OC the chargers figure some stuff out but even so I don’t know how much ekeler will be used going forward. And D.J. healthy has got to be an issue they brought in zenner and traded for drake, that’s seems pretty telling for either Edmund or Johnson is really banged up in some way