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Should I accept the trade?


10 team standard. I was just offered Antonio Brown and Dez for Freeman and Amari. I immediately thought I was a great trade for me but I realized that since I was not getting a running back back my rbs would be taking a hit. That being said I would have the option of running Antonio and Jordy as my wr1/2 with the option of either dez or hilton as my flex. Would the hit to my running back core be worth it? PS I am leading my league at 4-1

QB is: Aaron Rodgers
RBs are : Freeman, K Hunt, TY Montgomery, Abdullah, Kamara, Samaje
WRs are: Jordy, Hilton, Demarius Thomas, Pryor, Amari
TE: Reed
D/ST: Jags
K: Succop


That’s tough. Antonio and Jordy is fantastic, but losing Freeman is a blow to your team. I don’t go for it just because you’re not getting an RB. But no one could fault you for doing it.


Taking a hit or not taking a hit at rb, this is simply a value trade that I could not refuse.

You just gotta take it and then flip a package deal of your low end rbs and a bench wr for a good runningback. But hunt and motgomery? You’re good baby think of the FUTURE.


I think I’d take it cuz you’re getting a STUD and you will still have two good starters in Hunt and Monty even though you’d lose depth. Think of it in terms of your starting lineup. Which looks better to you… Hunt, Monty, AB, Jordy and Dez or Freeman, Hunt, Jordy, Hilton and Monty or D-Thomas? Option A looks scarier to me.


I like this trade. You have Hunt which is great. Kamara and Abdullah are good for the RB2


There’s a guy in our league who has Antonio, Dez and Jordy. I can’t figure out how he got all 3 (answer: he auto-drafted), but if you did this deal you’d be in the same position. I wouldn’t turn it down. You’ve got Hunt and serviceable guys with the possibility that Kamara really rises in value.