Should I accept these 3 players for Saquon?

Just got offered Keenan Allen, Travis Kielce and a choice of David Johnson, Josh Jacobs or davonta Freeman for Saquon. Should I take it? If so what runningback Im leaning towards Jacobs

PPR, .5pt PPR, or Standard?

What’s the rest of your roster look like?

100% take that deal. He’s nuts to offer that. Keenan + Kelce + Josh Jacobs? I smash accept that and don’t care what your scoring format is or what your roster looks like.

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Why can’t I get stupid offers like this???

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RBs: Barkley, Henry, kerryon, Singletary, and Edmonds
WRs: Evans, Sutton, woods and Demarcus Robinson
TE: jimmy graham

It’s a no brainer. Trade Saquon for K. Allen + T. Kelce + J. Jacbos.

Yeah, crush that! QUICKLY