Should I accept this to get Lev Bell?

Would you Trade Saquon for bell, burton and tarik cohen? In full ppr.
My Team consists of:

CJ Anderson
Jesse james

I would be very hesitant to give away anyone for Lev Bell, here’s why.

There is no guarantee Lev will be back before Week 10, and I firmly believe that when he does come back the Steelers are going to be hesitant to give him the ball. He is going to be months removed from carrying the ball on an NFL field, his teammates have openly criticized him and he has shown no desire to do anything for the Steelers this season. I don’t think it’s a guarantee he plays when he returns. If you were Tomlin would you want someone who has no desire to play for you to be your bell cow back? Especially when Connor has looked good and your job is on the line. I think not.

Saquon is going to be featured every week for the Giants, you saw even in that horrible game last week he had 15 targets. That is insane, he will be valuable no matter the game script.

I wouldnt do this trade. Not unless they upgraded Cohen.

Also the more and more Bell stays away and Conner maintains his performance, the less likely I think they will be to go away from Conner.