Should I accept this trade? AB and Zeke

Got a trade offer: Zeke, G. Tate and C. Davis for AB and D. Cook… Should I be trading G. Tate who has better fantasy points than AB right now? Zeke and the cowboys just don’t look good to me, he would have had a bad game yesterday if it wasn’t for that late TD… Should I take this or is too early

My current RBs: Zeke, Barkley, Mixon, Conner with plenty of decent RB’s on the waiver (Breida, Clement, Powell, Lunch, J. Allen, Lindsay)

WRs: K. Allen, D. Adams, E. Sanders, G. Tate, K. Golladay, and C. Davis

2RB, 3WR and no flex… 8-man home league PPR

I would take the AB and Cook side of this trade. AB will bounce back, Juju is eating into his targets some but he’s still elite. I think Cook should see a bigger workload than he did this week.

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Yea I agree but Juju seems to be elite as well. Trading Zeke is where it scares me…

That’s definitely fair, if he wasn’t getting AB I’d be a bit more worried, but there’s definitely reason to hesistate at this offer.

He also has DJ… I might counter with DJ instead of cooks and see if he takes that

I honestly might be more skiddish on DJ’s ROS value. The Cardinals look real bad and the Vikings play the Bills next week. It’s an interesting change but how do you value DJ rest of season? I feel like he’s already falling into RB2 territory but I haven’t heard enough to have a great opinion on it yet.

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I think that Arizona will realize that they have to use DJ a lot to even think about winning, I mean DJ is DJ… I think that cook is on a team that has a lot of mouths to feed he will always that have nice floor of 10-15 PPR points but the big games will be hard to tell