Should I accept this trade? (Kelce for Kittle, etc)

A member offered to trade me his Kittle and OBJ for my Kelce, Ridley, and Michel.
Should I take it? Depth for WR isn’t as good as RB for my team.

What’s the rest of your team look like? As I see it right now I wouldn’t.

I have a good amount of solid RBs in Kamara, Conner, Williams, Michel, and Cohen.
My WRs aren’t as robust, with Woods, Ridley, Kirk, and Gordon.

PPR or standard and is it a regular 2 RB/2WR/1TE/1 Flex league? I think you’re fine how you are. If Gordon finally gets it together then he has WR1 upside but will most likely be a WR2. Woods is a WR1 for sure as he is the primary target in the Rams offense being as reliable as he is. Your RB depth is good and can account for bye weeks, but unless it’s PPR I don’t see Cohen being as valuable as Kamara, Conner, Williams, and Michel. Kelce is a solid TE who scores higher than most WRs so I wouldn’t want to give him up unless it benefited me significantly.
Additionally, OBJ has an injury history. That factors into the offer when you’re looking at the trade.

Do it man!!! OBJ and Kittle is nice helping out your WRs forsure

I’m taking that trade all day. You’ll start Kamara, Connor with OBJ Woods Kittle and Williams in the Flex with Gordon’s upside on the bench! I think OBJ has a much higher ceiling than he did in New York, yes there’s others talented players taking away some targets but that will also draw some attention away from Beckham and Mayfield is a massive upgrade over Eli, I love OBJ this year